Angel of Orphans

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The story of R' Yona Tiefenbrunner and the hundreds he saved

While the Angels of Death sent their parents to the gas chambers, an Angel of Life rescued and raised hundreds of Jewish children.


In this gripping tale of altruism and self-sacrifice, masterful author Malky Weinstock tells the incredible story of Yona Tiefenbrunner, the legendary Belgian Jew who saved hundreds of Jewish orphans from the Nazi murder machine. Abandoning his chances for refuge, Yona agreed to head the Jewish orphanage in Brussels, and overnight, he became the loving father to hundreds of tortured and traumatized Jewish children. Despite the ever-present threats and danger, R' Yona managed to infuse his orphanage with Torah, love, and tranquility, and even after the war, he continued to care for his children, rebuilding their shattered spirits and giving them a chance at life.


A compelling story of salvation and selflessness, Angel of Orphans pays tribute to an ordinary man of extraordinary courage, a hero whose legacy is eternal.

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