Anim Zemiros - A Poem For All Ages

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Anim Zemiros - A Poem For All Ages Elucidating, Demystifying, and Appreciating The Shir HaKavod

Gain Insight Into one of the Most Beloved and Exalted Parts of the Shabbos Davening…  

Anim Zemiros – a popular part of Shabbos davening – remains for many an enigmatic text. In this pioneering work, Rabbi Elchanan Adler masterfully elucidates Anim Zemiros, making it meaningful and accessible to all.

 An overview discussing the poem’s history, authorship, and customs, followed by a clearly written, line-by-line commentary offers readers an in-depth appreciation of this beloved piyut. If you would like to better understand Anim Zemiros and be able to recite it with new-found appreciation for its profundity and beauty, this book is for you.

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