As Long as I Live - Ahrele - Et'halech

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The Life Story of Aharon Margalit

The Absolute Must-Read--That Inspired Rav Chaim Kanievski!

Truth is stranger--and more incredible--than fiction, as this book attests. By age seven, Aharon Margalit had already suffered a terrible trauma which rendered him mute, and was lying in a sanitarium, completely paralyzed by polio. His mother's indomitable efforts to save him from paralysis are inspiration enough, but as the story unfolds, the inspiration mounts.

This is a man who meets tragedy with perfect calm; who has fought cancer three times--and with a positive, assertive spirit that boggles the mind. This is a book that will give strength, courage, and hope to every reader, young and old, no matter where their life's journey has brought them. A testament to faith, optimism, and the power of mind over matter.

When Rav Chaim Kanievski was presented with this book in the original Hebrew, Es'halech, he read it cover to cover and announced that it gave him chizuk. See what it can do for you!

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