Balanced Teshuva - Guidence and Inspiration for Baalei Teshuvah

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Jenny SerleSKU: 210000005092   | ISBN: 9781946351524

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A Torah life contains within it the possibility to achieve great fulfillment and satisfaction. Each baal teshuva should feel that they have the right tools to access the full potential that lies within themselves and is available as part of a vibrant Jewish life.

Balanced Teshuvah provides insight and guidance into the baal teshuva experience in a unique and comprehensive way. Addressing the nuances of observant life for individuals who took on Torah and Mitzvos, this book seeks to empower each baal teshuva to feel confident in their ability to navigate frum

A very lucid, practical, and on-target exposition . should be mandatory reading . I highly recommend this very important work. --Rav Michel Twerski, shlita, Milwaukee

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