Battle Cry of Canaan - Comic

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Eliezer HameiriSKU: 210000005084   | ISBN: 9781635870930

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Is a Givoni really hiding with a candle, somewhere in a dark cave near Yerushalayim? Perhaps he is gone, but his story continues....

Four children set out of a hike in the hills of Yerushalayim. A string of events leaves them stuck deep inside a cave with a broken flashlight, hearts pounding with fear, and a mysterious message written on the wall. Interpreting the message leads them back into an ancient era... From the perspective of a Givoni child, they watch as the Land of Canaan prepares for war with Bnei Yisrael. They see the giants whose menace overshadows the banks of the Yarden; the impenetrable walls of Yericho; the warriors of Ai who thought themselves invincible; and most of all - the holy forces of Bnei Yisrael, led by Yehoshua ben Nun, approaching from beyond the Yarden to inherit Eretz Yisrael , as Hashem promised their forefathers.

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