Bedtime Reading for Briskers

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The laws and lomdus of korbanos teach us life lessons about conduct and belief. This is the methodology of three great rabbis: the Ramo, in his sefer Toras ha'Olah, R. Samson Raphael Hirsch, in his commentary on Chumash, and the Sefer haChinuch. These rabbis' approach inspires us to appreciate, respect, and observe mitzvos at a much higher level.

In addition, the laws of korbanos affect everyday halacha, such as the halachos of prayer, conduct at mealtime, Shabbos and holidays, and the like.
This book is organized according to the weekly parsha. Every parsha has korban-related material, and each chapter explicates how the lomdus of that parsha's korban affects contemporary halacha and teaches valuable life lessons.

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