Ben Torah for Life - ארחות חיים

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Those who devote their early adult years to full-time Torah learning know they are living in a different reality. Their world is pure and idealistic, and their goals are spiritual. Their success is measured in the thrill of a new insight and the glimpses of Hashem’s wisdom that only the Talmud can reveal. For some, the early years are only the beginning of a life-long ascent in the world of Torah. For most, however, a return trip to the material world is inevitable.

This is one of the most difficult transitions a Ben Torah ever will make. It calls his entire identity and purpose into question. And yet little time is devoted to preparing for this transition in the years during which all energy is focused on Torah learning. Some get lost, and some feel misled; most are confused about how to proceed with their self-esteem and values intact.

Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky has written a book that will serve as a guiding light to the many young men who are making this transition. He puts the Jew’s ever-evolving life mission into clear perspective, helping readers plot a path of growth and elevation that will sustain them for the decades to come. He helps them cull the everlasting lessons they will take with them from their yeshiva years and ensure that these lessons translate cogently into their lives in business or a profession. This book is a groundbreaking addition to any Torah library and a lifeline for any young man taking his first tenuous steps outside the protective walls of yeshiva.

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