Between Two Worlds

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The boy’s eyes looked scared. He had no shoes — and no family. “Child, what is your name?” “I…I don’t… I’m not sure…” He started to cry.

The boy was speaking English — a dangerous language. How did he know it? Surely every child realized that knowing things from the other side could get them killed.


Decades ago, a group of rebels constructed an unbreachable barrier of energy and split the world in two. The Eastern Side, ruled by a corrupt monarchy, forbids technology, while the Western Side flourishes with science and modernization. Some brave individuals attempted to bridge the two worlds, to reunite families and help those in need — but that mission failed and only made things worse.

Chezkel and Azariah live on opposite sides of the giant barrier. Chezkel, a talented physicist, is on a mission to reconnect the two worlds, while Azariah has no idea what tore them apart. Miriam hasn’t seen her husband in years. Is he safe — even alive — on the other side? She and her loyal team must find out. This gripping and utterly unique novel will take you to suspenseful and unforgettable places that can only be found between two worlds.

Author: Chayelle Cohen

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