Book of Amazing Facts and Feats #3

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The Creator's World and All That Fills It

Do you know…Who had the strongest hair? Who has the highest IQ on record? Who donated the most sifrei Torah" Which is the smartest nation in the world? Who is the world's all-time record breaker? Where was the world's largest matzah baked? When was the first "traffic accident" in space? Who was the first king mentioned in the Torah? What is the first animal mentioned in the Torah? Who survived being struck by lightning seven times? How small is the world's smallest kosher sefer Torah? Which is the most common eye color and which is the rarest? Which autistic savant can read two pages simultaneously, one with each eye?

Find the answers to these questions as well as numerous other amazing facts and true-life stories, all accompanied by hundreds of incredible photographs, in a format appropriate for a Torah home, in this third volume of Amazing Facts and Feats. 

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