Bright Beginnings Workbook - Haschalas Gemara - Meseches Brachos - Vol. 2

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Meseches Brachos - Vol. 2

A groundbreaking concept for those beginning to learn Gemara! In this revolutionary workbook, readers are actually taught, step by step, how to learn Gemara. The workbook begins by introducing the world of Gemara, and then goes on to define Aramaic vocabulary via "mini lessons." The workbook shows how each discussion in the Gemara can be broken down into the same identifiable steps, and it leads the reader through some actual sugyos in Maseches Brachos - all in simplified, bite-size steps so that the reader can absorb and assimilate the entire process, and eventually build on this knowledge to learn other sugyos on his own.

If Gemara learning seemed like an insurmountable challenge for your child, prepared to be amazed when he starts using the Bright Beginnings Gemara Workbook and discovers the door to Gemara suddenly swinging wide-open for him!

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