B'Sha'ah Tovah (Updated, Revised & Expanded)

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Michal FinkelsteinSKU: 210000005905   | ISBN: 9781680252620

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The Jewish Woman's Clinical & Halachic Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

A complete guidebook including up-to-date clinical information; diagrams, illustrations and full-color photos of fetal development; prenatal care and laws of prenatal testing; nutrition, exercises, and Lamaze techniques; laws pertaining to childbirth and and bris; inspiring Torah thoughts and commentary. Approved by leading Rabbinic and medical authorities.

Now with a beautiful new design, this revised and updated edition includes genetic testing and an expanded nutrition section. It's the only maternity guidebook a Jewish couple will ever need. 

Author: Michal Finkelstein RN CNM

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