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The Bug Checker is back! Now with MAXimum light. We've doubled the number of LED lights
to give you a steady, bright light--perfect for examining produce for
insects. The bright light illuminates the leaves and makes any insects
appear as dark spots. They're much easier to spot when the leaf is lit

We have also eliminated the need to charge the Bug Checker unit. Now you can use your Bug Checker immediately! Just plug it in and start checking. We've included a 9-foot long power cord so you can move to a comfortable spot and check with full concentration.

• Size: 14" x 11" x 1" (L,W,H)

• Light Area: 12" x 9"

• 110-240V (Can be used Internationally with plug adapter)
• 490 Lumens*
• LED lifespan approximately 13,000 hours
• plug in only; no need to charge

• 9-foot cord

*Why 490 lumens is bright for a bug checking device:
A bright light bulb that illuminates a room might be
around 700-800 lumens. The Bug Checker is used differently. The light is
directed towards your eyes instead of sent out towards the walls and
ceiling of a room. For the room-lamp, you are not looking directly at
the light.

There are only two things that come between
your eyes and the LEDs of the Bug CheckerMAX: the translucent,
light-diffusing screen and the leaves of whatever you are checking. The
light is bright enough to shine through the leaves, exposing insects
(and any other solid objects). Any brighter, and the light would be too
overwhelming to see anything.

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