Building The Human Spirit - Hoffman

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Principles of Emotional And Spiritual Growth Based on the Teachings of Rav Shlomo Hoffman

Rav Shlomo Hoffman was a genius in
middos and Torah knowledge. It is rare
to find a person who brings together so
many different qualities of greatness, harnessing
them together in the quest for perfection.Foremost among his many special qualities
was his dedication to studying from, absorbing,
and passing on the wisdom that he received
from the many Torah giants from whom he
studied. He helped all those who sought his
guidance, with no thought of personal gain in
terms of money or honor.Building the Human Spirit is a wide-ranging
compilation of Rav Hoffman's teachings, which
have become ever more popular with the pas-
sage of time. Section One details the stages of
a child’s development from birth until young
adulthood, through the eyes of Chazal. Section
Two explains the foundations of chinuch and
emotional growth based on the insights Rav
Shlomo learned from Rav Isaac Sher, son-in-law
of the Alter of Slobodka. Section Three is a col-
lection of enlightening stories of Rav Hoffman's
experiences with Gedolei Yisrael. The book
concludes with a short biography, gleaned from
Rav Shlomo's own reminiscences.Here is a treasure trove of unique Torah
wisdom, from a hidden giant who was crowned
with the title, "The Listener." Now you too can
become a talmid, and learn to grow emotionally
and spiritually as never before.

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