Calling out to You

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Journeys and Discoveries through Clinical Depression and Anxiety

This book won’t tell you…

    • That your suffering is your own fault
    • That simplistic cures or segulos will solve everything.
    • That after you read this your pain will magically disappear.

Depression and anxiety are excruciatingly painful. They are among the most difficult challenges of life. This book will not paint a rosy picture of the world and tell you that you can become blissfully happy if you just appreciate your gifts.

In Calling Out to You, meet the brave people who have struggled with depression, anxiety, phobias, and other mental disorders, and who have grown in the process. Hear from rabbis, doctors, therapists, and other professionals who offer sage advice and heartfelt encouragement.

Although we yearn to connect to Hashem, we can often be over powered by pain, anger, and resentment. Calling Out to You shows how to seek Hashem from within one’s troubles, without denying or minimizing them. We can strive to see the purpose in the lows and develop ways to overcome our most difficult challenges.

In this groundbreaking anthology, Tehilla Edelman provides a refreshing, honest, and insightful look at clinical depression and anxiety. Those going through similar experiences, as well as their loved ones, will find support and empathy in these sincere and inspiring stories.

“I was mesmerized by the professional contents of Calling Out to You, the hashkafic guidance, and moving narratives. Copies of this book now sit in my office. Every client is going to hear about it from me.”

— Mindy Blumenfeld, LCSW, Binah columnist

“Depression and anxiety frequently lead to the pain of isolation. Calling Out to You has broken through the silence… Come and meet these courageous writers who have…opened their hearts and souls so that others may find true support.”

— Sarah Chana Radcliffe, MEd, CPsych, Mishpacha columnist and author of Make Yourself at Home

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