Career of Happiness - True Joy in the Home

R' Avigdor MillerSKU: 210000003636   | ISBN: 9780998622514



Every Jewish home is a place of enormous kedusha (holiness). In fact, the marriage bond is a hint to each Jew’s spiritual connection above.

This revised and expanded edition of Career of Happiness teaches you – as only Rav Avigdor Miller Zt”l can – how to create a peaceful, loving, Torah-centered home:

  • How to prepare for marriage
  • Habits that infuse a home with a spirit of Torah and mitzvos
  • The secret how to raising happy children
  • The Ten Commandments of Marriage (Rabbi Miller’s most requested lecture!)
  • Must-obey rules for dealing with in-laws
  • How to appreciate your spouse’s different nature and role
  • Plus dozens of real life questions about finding “the right one”
  • Packed with real-life stories and practical tips, Career of Happiness is the ultimate marriage counselor.

NEW! Includes thirty pages of question-and-answer about dating and shidduchim!

Hard cover, 6x9, 193 pages.

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