Classic Kitchen - Shabbos Electric Hot Water Urn - 28 cups

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Classic Kitchen 28 Cup Hot Water Boiler Urn with New Twisloc˜ Safety Tap , Metal Spout, Stainless Steel Double Wall and Dual Heating Elements

Instant Heating and with Reboil Capability when Refilled with Cold Water.

Perfect for Keeping Piping Hot Water for Tea, Coffee and for Entertaining.

  • 28 CUPS CAPACITY Perfect for use at home for family meals, for entertaining with buffet service, providing boiling (202°F/94°C) HOT water anytime 24/7
  • DURABLE DESIGN Double Wall High Grade Stainless Steel internal tank with Brushed Finish Stainless Steel Exterior and built-in Water Gauge
  • QUALITY HEATING SYSTEM Dual Heating Elements allow for Auto-Reboil upon Refill or for Delayed Overnight Reboil when refilled on Yom Tov (Holidays) keep warm w/reboil 2 switch as per specifications Dual Heating element.
  • SAFE TO USE Engineered with our new TWISLOC˜ Locking Dispense Tap and Metal Spout. Simply Rotate and the tap is Locked. Heavy Duty 3-Wire Grounded Power Cord. Unit is CE Listed for Safety.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Diameter 9" (22.9cm), Height 15" (31.8cm). 120V 50/60HZ 750W Power while boiling/150W Power at Keep Warm. One Year Limited Warranty
  • Unit does not need Tevillah under shtar written by Rabbi Willig of YU and The London Beis Din

Thanks to its Unique Heating System and Double Wall Stainless Steel construction the unit will keep your boiled water hot all day at 202°F (94°C).

Its Dual Heating Elements allow you to Refill with Cold Water for a slower delayed overnight reboil (approved for Yom Tov use).

The Brushed Nickel Finish on the Stainless Steel exterior makes it easy to clean and elegant in any setting. The unit has been engineered and features our new TWISLOC˜ twist and lock dispensing tap and metal spout. Simply rotate counter-clockwise to lock the tap and rotate clockwise to unlock the tap.

Unit has a "Dry-Boil" protection fuse that will shut off the unit should the water run out. Unit has a 3-wire Heavy Duty Cord and Grounded Plug for Safety.

Unit is CE Tested and Listed.

Unit has a One Year Warranty backed by Classic Kitchen. 

Please note that all units sold include a One Year Warranty to the retail customer from date of purchase. We will allow you, as Customer, an exchange of any defective product within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, the retail customer MUST contact Classic Kitchen Service Center for Warranty repair or replacement as stated in the terms of the Product Warranty included in each unit. No credit will be issued to you beyond 30 days after sale date.

NOTE: For Water Kettle or Boiler Urns:
We will not, under any circumstances, issue any exchanges or credits for units that have not been maintained per the User Manual instructions with regards to Water Scaling and sediment buildup due to mineral etc in a water supply whether tap or filtered or spring water nor for heating marks inside the water tank above the heating element(s).

This item is NOT ELEGIBLE for Media Mail - All responsibilty for extra charge is on customer

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