Collected Writings of R' Samson Raphael Hirsch - Complete 9 Vol. Set

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Complete set of The Collected Writings of Rav S.R. Hirsch.

Rav Hirsch was the first Orthodox leader to meet the challenges to Jewish life unleashed by the Englightenement. His ceaseless and prolific exposition of Torah is an inspiration for our time, as it was for European Jewry a century ago. Translated from the original German, this 9-volume series includes the bulk of Rav Hirsch's philosophical writings.

Volume 1: The Jewish Year, Part 1

Volume 2: The Jewish Year, Part 2

Volume 3: Jewish Symbolism

Volume 4: Studies on Isaiah, Essays on the Psalms

Volume 5: Origin of the Oral Law

Volume 6: Jewish Communal Life, Independent Orthodoxy

Volume 7: Jewish Education

Volume 8: Mensch Yisroel: Perspectives on Judaism

Volume 9: Timeless Hashkafa, Index

Includes the new volume 9 that was published in May 2012.

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