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One morning, two of the biggest book printers in Venice discover that they are competing for the contracts of the same Jewish books.

The solution to their problem is clear to both of them - to go tell the Pope that their competitor's books are filled with heresy against the Church, with hopes that the competition's books will be burned.

Both of them were successful and an order was passed to burn all volumes of the Talmud throughout Italy. With the order set to be fulfilled on Rosh Hashanah, the Jews of Italy are in a race against time to rescind the evil decree and rescue their beloved seforim.

In the meantime, soldiers are scouring the country. In Venice. Padua, Mantua and Rome, Jewish homes and shuls are raided and their seforim are gathered to be burned, among them the precious siddur that our hero, little Eliyahu, inherited from his grandfather Will Eliyahu succeed in recovering his siddur before it is condemned to destruction? Will the Jews of Ita!y rescue their beloved seforim? And who is "Sammy Slick," the mysterious Gypsy boy who befriends our heroes? Why is he helping them? What does he really want?

All these questions and more will be answered in Batsheva Havlin's exciting new comic-book. Combat of Censorship, a gripping historical adventure, filled with humor, emotion, and excitement. A story of hope that conquers despair, friendship that conquers selfishness and the struggle of the Jewish people to rescue the holy Torah.

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