count of coucy - portrait of two families

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Who is the mysterious new Count of Coucy? Set against the backdrop of history where bloodthirsty Crusaders tear apart the globe and greedy pirates plunder the seas, this swashbuckling, suspenseful, and magnificently written novel is a rare gem, woven from the cloth of over a hundred years ago by the talented pen of Rabbi Marcus Lehmann, brought to you by Feldheim Publishers--a true delight!

The writing of Marcus Lehmann is truly unsurpassed; with his pen this 19th-century rav of Mainz, Germany, fought assimilation through his inspiring historical novels. In the Count of Coucy, pirates and slaves, heroism and treachery come to life, straight through to its swashbuckling, heart-stopping ending. Woven through the wonderful writing are timeless Torah lessons and paradigms of strong faith in the face of painful challenges. Portrait of Two Families is the story of a family caught up in the Reform movement whose path crosses with a family deeply rooted in Torah tradition, for a complex, fascinating plot of downfall and triumph. Carefully researched and magnificently presented, this is a work of unparalleled literary delight!

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