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Mrs. Hillman shifted in her seat. Yael paused and studied the woman’s expression. Something was definitely wrong. The woman was hiding something. Something about her daughter.

When a desperate mother turns to supersleuth Yael Reed for help in finding her missing teenage daughter, the young detective eagerly accepts the case. But her investigations reveal a shocking detail about Malky Hillman’s mysterious disappearance: Malky isn’t the first girl in her high school to have vanished.

Determined to crack the case, Yael goes undercover at Beis Rivka to see whether she can discover what happened to the girls. But as she encounters one unfriendly staff member after another, she begins to wonder: Is something strange going on at the school? Who, or what, is behind the girls’ disappearance? And can Yael find out before someone else disappears?

Bestselling author Ruthie Pearlman reacquaints readers with the unforgettable cast of characters introduced in the wildly popular School of Secrets and Lockdown. This third book in the series will keep you in nail-biting suspense as you wonder...will the missing schoolgirls ever be found?

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