Dollars and Sense

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When Eli Katz has money to spend, can he be clever enough to buy the one thing that will last him forever? A great story about dollars and sense and the kind of good that money can do!

BY: Tehilla Deutsch

"Dollars and Sense" is a wise, illustrated Jewish children's story about how to make wise investment choices. Young Eli Katz has earned, $5 from Mrs. Markowitz by feeding her fish and collecting her mail while she was gone. How can he spend his money on something that will last? His first choice is to give some for tzedaka, or religious charity. But things after that are not so easy to decide. A refreshing beverage is quickly consumed, and so are candy and gum, while a toy yo-yo does not fully live up to its promise of endless entertainment. Finally Eli spots a young friend who is sad because he has lost his dollar that he was supposed to spend on groceries. Eli decides the most important thing is to help his friend and make him smile, so he gives him his last dollar to replace the one he lost. The good feelings of seeing the smile on his friend's face is the most precious, lasting reward he has found in exchange for his money, which he decides was very well spent. "Dollar$ and, $ense" is written in jaunty rhyming verse, with cheerful pages of color illustration, and teaching text for special Hebrew words. "Dollar$ and, $ense" is a well packaged bundle of wisdom for young children about the true value of money. --Midwest Book Review / October 2012 / Children's Bookwatch 

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