Don Carlos in Lisbon - Vol. 1

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Chaim EliavSKU: 210000010112   | ISBN: 9789659263660

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Illustrations: Jackie Yarhi.

It began precisely at midnight.

Don Carlos Carneiro extinguished the lantern. Absolute darkness reigned in the boat’s small cabin. Quietly, he removed his grand uniform and donned a simple sailor suit. No one noticed as he slipped off the large boat and was swallowed up between the alleyways of the port.

No one? Don Carlos didn’t know what the figure dressed in black, hurrying after him, was plotting…

Who is following the admiral of the Portuguese navy? What did Arnaldo de Funsice, secretary of the Inquisition, find at the door to his home?

What is happening in the Inquisition’s gloomy dungeons? Why are the young monks trying to enter Refael Chaim’s dank cell? M

aster author Chaim Eliav’s story and the masterful illustrations of Jackie Yarhi come together to create a thrilling historical graphic story, chilling and full of faith.

The story was first published as a serial in the Comics magazine, and was eagerly read by a captivated readership.

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