Don Carlos in Prison - Vol. 2

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Part two of the well-loved book Don Carlos of Lisbon.

Don Carlos Carneiro, personal friend of the king of Portugal, is imprisoned in the dungeons of the Inquisition. The cell is dark and dank, his hands are tied tightly, the figure of the bloodthirsty de Funsice rises before his eyes. The door opens. The orange robe of those sentenced to death is tossed in his direction---everything appears so dark and gloomy. But the spark of faith in his heart is not extinguished.

Outside the dungeons, a storm rages: A stranger arrives in Lisbon on a mysterious mission. A precious paper disappears. Strange figures infiltrate the home of Father John Manuel, leaving behind a condemning package. Something odd is going on in Judge de Lima’s private home.

Why is de Funsice hiding behind the tree? What made Don Carlos faint in middle of the interrogation? What is hiding behind the sealed wall in the judge’s home? Why did the young officer flee from the interrogation room?

Master storyteller Chaim Eliav’s story and skilled illustrator Jackie Yarhi’s masterful illustrations join together in a riveting, chilling and faith-filled historical tale. This book, like Part One of the story, was first published in comics magazine and was eagerly received by its readers.

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