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Choosing the person with whom to spend the rest of your life is a major decision. Yet there has probably never been more confusion, more conflicting ideas, or more fear regarding how to find one’s zivug than we have today.

M’nucha Bialik, an experienced shidduch coach and former “older” single, clears up the fog! The accumulated guidance of her newsletters, teleconferences, webinars, and workshops are all organized in this one book, inspiring and empowering at the same time. Now you too can join the many young men and women of all ages who have been led by M’nucha, step-by-step, on the road to finding their bashert.

Whether you are just beginning to date or have been dating for years; a shadchan, mentor, parent, or friend; or simply fascinated by the topic — here is the source for skills, knowledge, and clarity to successfully navigate the shidduch maze with calmness.


M’nucha Bialik has authored an important work that attempts to give both men and women the tools they need to make responsible decisions. The book contains chapters identifying external and internal obstacles to the shidduch process; the importance of knowing yourself; what to look for and what is less important; juggling and prioritizing values; tefillah and bitachon; how to deal with rejection and disappointment; and how to develop menuchas hanefesh (serenity of spirit) — a beautiful middah for both marrieds and singles. What makes the work especially valuable is the inclusion of exercises that translate the teachings of each chapter into actual practice. This work truly has the power to transform lives for the better.

Rabbi Yitzchak A. Breitowitz

Mrs. M’nucha Bialik helps you… become more open to Hashem’s hashgachah. The book gives you much needed guidance towards maintaining a positive attitude, plus chizuk and practical advice in navigating your way through one of life’s difficult journeys.

Tziporah (Heller) Gottlieb

This book will iy”H be of great help for all those just entering the shidduch scene, as well as for those who have been dating for a while.

Rabbi Moshe Chalkowski

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