Double Agent - Part 1

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"What's the connection between the deputy secretary general of the UN, the president of the EU, the Chinese minister of commerce and trade, and the deputy prime minister of Russia?"
"Is this the beginning of a joke?""A very bad one, I'm afraid. Tragic, actually. They all died, Eyal. Tonight. All within an hour or so. They all signed memorandums, gave press conferences, answered questions, and a short while later, were found dead."
"You're not serious.""I am.""What in the world--""The president himself told me to drop everything and launch an immediate investigation regarding the circumstances of all these deaths."Four high-ranking people. Dead. In a single hour. Eyal was playing mental ping-pong, exactly as Buki had taught him. He recalled his words like yesterday: "When something ignites in your mind, sit down and work it out yourself. Write yourself a briefing, exactly as if you'd be submitting it to your superiors."What would I write now?It took Eyal only seconds to know.   
When "John Smith" comes into possession of Eyal Gilboa's top-secret Mossad file, he blackmails Eyal into helping him...on threat of selling the file to the highest bidder.Meanwhile, in a small Cuban village, a mysterious virus is killing the villagers, and their chief will do anything to save his people.Follow Eyal Gilboa from Israel to New York to Cuba in his next thrilling adventure!
WARNING! Serious suspense ahead!

By Yonah Sapir

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