Enough - Pomerantz

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“You were right,” Moish croaked. “Right? What do you mean?” Reenie asked.
“The money,” he whispered. “It’s not enough. It’s never enough.
I thought I was the good daddy. Instead, I created a monster.”

The quintessential loving father who only wants what’s best for his kids, Moish Green showers his family with expensive vacations
and unlimited use of his credit card. But somewhere along the way, the situation has soured. His ungrateful children, now adults, only want
more...and more...and more.
Moish’s wife, Reenie, watches helplessly as her family’s spending habits spin out of control. How can they rein in the monster they’ve created and
teach their children the value of responsibility? As the Greens battle their internal demons, grappling with the excess that surrounds them, will they
be able to stay firm and set down new rules for their spoiled children?

Master novelist Riva Pomerantz treats us again to an honest, compelling critique of our society, along with a cast of unforgettable characters.

Welcome to the Greens’ world, where nannies are de rigueur and kollel couples dine out every night. Can Moish and Reenie, along with their
children, learn the true value of life before tragedy strikes? And will they ever experience the elusive feeling of genuinely having enough?

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