Escape from Belgium

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Belgium, 1940

During World War II, Belgium, like the rest of Europe, is a dangerous place for Jews. The Berkovitses have become refugees; their only comfort in this terrifying time is that they are all together. Then the unthinkable occurs, and they are separated. Thirteen-year-old Brudi and his father are trapped in German-occupied Europe. They must flee, but their passports have been confiscated. How will they escape the threat looming over them?
This is the true story of a brave and resilient father and son. Join them on their harrowing journey to reach a safe haven. In this lesser-known account of Jewish refugees on the perilous trek through France, Spain, and Portugal, readers will be intrigued as they follow Brudi and his father’s escape from Belgium.

The Escape series provides readers with compelling, true narratives of Jewish heroism and survival. Each book includes engaging photographs, a timeline, and a glossary.

Author: Esther Heller Renee Worch

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