Escape from Hungary

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Hungary in the 1950s is a difficult place for Jews to live. The country is run by communists who prevent the citizens from practicing religion. Revolutionaries are rising up in revolt, but their plans for the Jews are disturbing and frightening. Gyory and his family want to escape. But they can’t get permits to leave legally. Will they be able to flee the country without being discovered and arrested? This is the true story of a brave and determined family. Join them on their harrowing journey to a land where they can practice their religion freely. Readers will be fascinated to learn more about Hungary in the years after World War II as well as the ill-fated Hungarian revolution, which resulted in Gyory’s family’s escape from Hungary.

The Escape series provides readers with compelling, true narratives of Jewish heroism and survival. Each book includes engaging photographs, a timeline, and a glossary.

Author: Nesanel Yoel Safran

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