Escape from Iran

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Shira Yehudit DjalilmandSKU: 210000005393   | ISBN: 9781614656739

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Two Jewish girls' story of survival

Iran in the 1980s has become a dangerous place for Jews to live. Twin sisters Pari and Maheen have a chance to leave home for a better life in the West. But it will mean saying goodbye to their parents, siblings, relatives, and friends. The trip will be fraught with danger. They’ll have to sneak across hostile borders and avoid informers who could report them to the police. Should they take the chance?

This is the true story of two girls who make a courageous decision. Join them on their harrowing escape to a land where they can be free. Readers will be fascinated to learn more about Iran’s once-thriving community and the political changes that resulted in the girls’ determination to escape from Iran. 

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