Exploring Modern Halachic Dilemmas - Vol. 2

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Applying Classic Approaches to Contemporary Questions

Rabbi Zvi Ryzman is a phenomenon. He calls himself an ish asakim, a businessman — which he is, and a successful one — but that is his sideline. His first love is learning, and he is an accomplished talmid chacham.

But there is much more — and that is why he and this book are so special. He chooses topics that few people realize present halachic dilemmas, especially topics that relate to current issues, issue that may not have existed in the time of the classic poskim. Nevertheless, the Torah is so rich and all-encompassing that the principles are there — in the Talmud, the commentators, and response of previous generations and contemporary poskim.

Rabbi Ryzman researches, analyzes, and elucides. When he’s finished, we have a clear understanding of the topic and a very good idea of the various halachic approaches. In his first volume of Exploring Modern Halachic Dilemmas, he discussed, among other subjects, several Covid related issues.

In this new volume, Rabbi Ryzman presents ten fascinating discussions, among them:

• Driverless Cars — may one ride them on Shabbos?
• May one lie or exaggerate to raise funds for a mitzvah?
• What is the identity of a person with organ transplants?

Are you interested in joining adventures in halachic exploration? Then Exploring Modern Halachic Dilemmas Volume 2 is for you! 

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