Exploring The Wet and Wild Underwater World

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Marvels of Creation from a Torah Perspective

"Smiling" dolphins diving in and out of the water, playful penguins waddling around on shore, graceful manta rays gliding smoothly through the sea, enormous whales gulping mammoth mouthfuls of fish.

Deep down under the sea there exists an entire universe of life, and in this book we are taking you on an underwater expedition to learn all about it!

Following the wild success of Exploring the Wild World of Animals, the first book in his "Jewish World of Wonders" series, author Efraim Harari is back with a second volume, one which explores the beautiful and mysterious world of fish and other aquatic creatures.

In Exploring the Wet and Wild Underwater World, readers are taken on a spectacular journey through the oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes of the world, to learn the wonders and design of thirty-five beautiful and unique marine animals.

Discover these aquatic creature's predators and prey; how each one survives in its habitat; and loads of other fascinating "Fast Facts," "Wacky Facts," "Did You Know" tidbits, and of course the popular "Animal Quacker" jokes about each animal. As in Exploring the Wild World of Animals, there is also a "Torah Talk" section for each sea creature, where Torah values and lessons can be gleaned from the creature by way of a mashal.

No matter what your age, you will be breath-taken at the beauty of the coral reef; awed at the survival skills of the octopus; mesmerized at the migration journey undertaken by the eel; and simply fascinated by everything else in this one-of-a-kind book on the nifla'os ha'Borei existing underwater.

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