Exploring the Wild World of Animals and Birds

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Marvels of Creation from a Torah Perspective

High up inits nest, an owl gives a hoot, while a golden eagle soars gracefully through the skies... From far off in the distance comes the high-pitched laugh of a hyena, and a sleek and agile cheetah whizzes by in a blur of color and fur...It's a wild and wonderful world of animals and birds that Hashem created, and in this book, the third in an increasingly popular series, you are hereby invited to have a close-up look at many of them!

In Exploring the Wild World of Animals and Birds, readers are taken on a virtual safari as they get the real scoop on twenty-two beautiful and unique animals and birds. What does each one eat? Where do they live? How do they build their burrows or nests? Who are their predators? In this fun and informative book for all ages, you'll learn the answers to all these questions, as well as loads of other fascinating "Fun Facts," "Wacky Facts," "Did You Know...?" tidbits, and of course the comical "Animal Cracker"jokes about each animal. As in the previous books in this series, there is also a "Torah Traits" section for each animal and bird, where you will discover the Torah's take on specific characteristics of each creature.

No matter if you are a child or an adult, Hashem's magnificent and amazing world was created for you to take an interest in and learn from. So go ahead...open this book,and let the exploration begin!

By Efraim Harari

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