Facing the Music

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Eve VoigelSKU: 210000029791   | ISBN: 9781607631927

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A dramatic, heartwarming novel!

In a Jewish boarding school deep in the English countryside, Zeesie Lipstein harbors fantasies about her future that both her mother and her teachers tell her are completely unrealistic. Then--through a series of strange occurrences, mysterious meetings and astonishing discoveries--Zeesie realizes that a very different future awaits her.

Eva Vogiel, who has written masterfully about this girls' boarding school in many other popular books, including Invisible Chains and Friend or Foe?, weaves a suspense-filled story. Find out what happens when it's time for Zeesie to "face the music!"

Author: Eva Vogiel
Softcover | 6" x 9" | 288 pages | ISBN 

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