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The Shmuz on Bitachon

The shadchan says in that singsong voice -"So tell me what you're looking for?" And out comes the laundry list. “I need someone who is extroverted funny, and outgoing.” "I need a woman who is very frum, tolerant, and kind.” “I need a bachur who is a take-charge type, strong, but not headstrong.” The lists are long, and the benchmarks are detailed and specific. And unwittingly, that is how many people make their first big mistake in dating. They aren’t looking for their bashert (predestined match); they have already formed him in their minds, and now they’re looking for the one that comes the closest to that image. This powerful book addresses these issues:

  • Avoid the two big mistakes that most people make when dating.
  • What to look for, what not to look for in a spouse
  • The biggest mistake married couples make
  • What happens if you think you married the wrong one?

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