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A Children's Novel

A young boy and his older friend on the run from the law, in hot pursuit by the police...a drunk, superstitious peasant, paired with an evil, conniving priest...a ringleader bandit whose life is saved by a most unlikely rescuer...There's a wagon-load of thrilling adventures waiting to be read in the pages of this book!

Framed! is the suspenseful story of Peretz, who nurtures a deep desire to attend yeshivah and publish his late father's sefer, despite the odds stacked against him. Then trouble rears its head, as Peretz is framed by a wicked man seeking revenge, and he is forced to escape for his life. A string of hair-raising adventures follows, and Peretz finds himself in danger-both physically and spiritually-over and over again.

Will Peretz ever be acquitted and be permitted to return home?

Will his stepfather ever allow him to follow his heart's calling?

Will his good friend Elye merit the miracle he so badly wishes for?

Find out in this heart-stopping novel!

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