Freedom Of Choice

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A Novel

Three women, behind bars; three women, yearning to be free.
Rozi, who tired to buy freedom for others and peace for herself, at the cost of her own liberty:
"Every time I knocked on one of their doors, the 'pause' button was pressed on my life, freezing everything else.... Alone, I was just Rozi.... They weren't to blame when I wanted to give them more than I was able to...."
Yehudis, struggling to connect with her individuality and to feel her own worth as a person, latches on to Rozi and tries to see herself reflected in Rozi's brightness:
"She was someone I wanted to be, and she was mine.... Thanks to her, I also 'had' something. I was no longer just another woman...."
Noga, locked in a world of dependency, comfort becoming constraint, the walls collapsing in on her:
"You should have been worried about me.... You should have remembered that I don't know how to live without you...."

Three lives collide, impacting each other, forcing all three to confront their fears and weaknesses, and to move beyond. Three women, so sure they understand the worlds they inhabit, so convinced that there is no way out, are forced to admit that they do not know and that they cannot manage alone. Follow three lives, find yourself in their lives and, together with them, choose freedom.

By: Devora Rand

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