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“When I was a kid, I wanted to be the center of attention. I’m still that way.”

In Growing Up, renowned author, talmid chacham, and psychiatrist Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski presents an insightful perspective on how many of us, at the core, are still young children at heart. Through inspiring stories, meaningful Torah insights, and practical advice, he shares how we can rise above our nature and take simple steps to true happiness and spiritual growth. Whether at age nine or ninety, each of us can grow into the person we really want to be.

Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski served for twenty years as the director of the department of psychiatry at St. Francis Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The author of more than sixty books, he has also been featured in hundreds of magazines and newspapers. Two of his books, When Do the Good Things Start? and Waking Up Just in Time, were written in collaboration with the late Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip. Rabbi Twerski is the scion of great Chassidic dynasties and traces his ancestry back to the Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Chassidic movement. He has lectured extensively on topics such as stress, self-esteem, and spirituality, and has traveled the world as a spokesperson for recovery on behalf of the millions who have achieved it, inspiring and encouraging those still finding their way

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