Growing With My Children - A Jewish Mother's Diary

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This is the story of a Jewish mother. This is every mother's story.

For three years, Sarah Shapiro, homemaker and mother of six young children, kept a diary of her day-to-day efforts and experiences with motherhood, faithfully chronicling the struggles, fears and joys of raising children.

For three years, Mrs. Shapiro took an insightful, sometimes humorous and always honest look at herself, her emotions, and her battle against the anger, boredom, and frustration that beset many mothers.
She has dealt with spilt milk and children's tantrums; childbirth, questions of faith and broken shoelaces. she has wiped dirty faces and probed her own heart. And always, in remarkable expressive prose, she has kept her record.

For three years (and longer) Mrs. Shapiro has worked on her midos consistently searching for spiritual growth. Unembarrassed to ask others for guidance, and unafraid to confront her own doubts and shortcomings, she approached and learned from a host of Jerusalem personalities. In her diary, she shares their insights, and counsel.

Growing With My Children takes the reader on a fascinating journey through one woman's life. Remarkable for its sensitivity, honesty, and beauty of language. Growing With My Children will be enjoyed and treasured by every parent of a Torah-true family.

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