Guest House

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A blockbuster novel from Gita Gordon!

A stately old home sits atop a remote cliff in North Wales, its lone tenant a kind, unassuming widow. Now a storm approaches, and with it an unlikely group of guests whose lives will be forever altered by their brief stay at The Guest House.

Fay Cohen grew up in this house.

Once it was a home to all her relatives, a vast extended family of new immigrants. But they all moved away eventually. For a while it was a boarding house for passing travelers, but now it sits virtually empty for most of the year. Fay lives alone.

Soon, though, its walls will once again echo with new voices ...

Chana ... a young woman who is so confident of herself in the working world,
so lost in the world of relationships ...

Lisa ... a young girl who is quickly losing her heritage to the non-Jewish atmosphere where she finds herself.

Malka ... a weary matriarch who agrees to join her husband on sabbatical in order to flee a difficult situation back in Eretz Yisrael ...

Dave ... a gifted young man who leaves yeshivah in Eretz Yisrael at the mysterious direction of his Rosh Yeshivah ...

The Guest House welcomes them all, one dark, snowy week in winter ...

Author: Gita Gordon

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