Halachos For The Hospital And Recovery

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No one wants to be confined to a hospital on Shabbos, and the stress of illness should not be exacerbated by confusion regarding halachic observance. This sefer takes the patient, family member, and visitor by the hand and helps them navigate these challenges with clarity at every level.

How does one deal with automatic lights when entering a restroom or hospital stairwell?

How may one light Shabbos candles in a hospital room, where fire is absolutely prohibited?

What are the problematic issues with kosher food being left unattended in a hospital refrigerator or microwave?

If one is released on Shabbos, how is he or she permitted to travel home?


There are numerous halachic issues for those who are recovering from illnesses or have other medical conditions.

Who may eat or take medications on a fast day?

When should a pregnant woman break her fast on Yom Kippur?

What types of non-kosher or chometz medications (on Pesach) rnay be taken?

May one walk in the street on Shabbos (out of the eruv) wearing reading glasses or a hearing aid, or with crutches or an insulin pump?

What is one's obligation to recite hagomel after an operation?

Extensively sourced, this sefer simplifies, clarifies, and provides the answers to these and a myriad of other halachic quandaries for the layman and scholar alike.

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