Happily Married - R' Zamir Cohen

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The Complete Guide to a Successful Jewish Marriage

Single and looking for your other half?
Married and hoping to improve your relationship?
This book is your ticket to wisdom and happiness:

  • Love - through an authentic Jewish lens
  • Finding the right one - speed up the process
  • Giving your spouse what they really need - and not what you think they need
  • Crafting compliments
  • Effective criticism
  • Healing a painful marriage
  • Kabbalistic secrets for a peaceful home
  • Complete guide to the wedding ceremony

And many other valuable insights that will give your marriage a strong and joyful foundation.

Divided into two volumes in order to explore, on a deep level, the fundamental differences between men and women.

Shalom - peace, comes from the root word shalem - whole, a completeness attained by the joining of two parts. Peace is the vessel that can hold God's blessings.
Begin building that vessel now.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen is the acclaimed author of many fascinating books discussing Judaism, Jewish living today and contemporary issues. His advice-filled lectures on finding a spouse and marriage have won acclaim from audiences worldwide.

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