Happy Birthday to Me - Girls

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The thrill of becoming another year older, being surrounded by family and friends, enjoying goodies and presents and fun makes all boys and girls look forward to their birthdays!

But how can a birthday party be a true Jewish celebration?


Happy Birthday to Me! a book available in a pink version for girls and blue one for boys, explores what happens when a child wants to include mitzvos and learning as the central part of their special day.


When Levi/Leah… thinks that everyone in their family has forgotten their birthday, he/she sets out to make a wonderful mitzvah party all alone.  But just when everything seems to be going so well, some unexpected problems lead to a wonderful surprise!


Colorful action-packed illustrations and bouncy rhymes make Happy Birthday to Me! the perfect birthday present that can be enjoyed long after the party is over.

Written by Channah Lieberman, illustrated by Patti Argoff

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