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A Mother-Daughter Discussion about Growing Up

The process through which a Jewish girl grows up is full of meaning, hope, and excitement. Like most tweens and teenage girls, Racheli has many questions about the various physical and emotional changes she is experiencing. Through a series of letters and conversations with her daughter, Racheli's mother wisely and warmly leads her on this all-important journey into woman-hood, using simple, age-appropriate explanations and keeping to the parameters of tznius.

A must-read for every Jewish girl about to embark on her own journey!

"A wonderful resource for parents of pubescent girls. It is written in a warm tone, explaining medical phenomena in a simple language that is age-appropriate. I highly recommend it!"
Chana E. Gelbfish, M.D. Brooklyn, NY
"I highly recommend this important book, which provides tools for the journey of adolescence in accurate and empowering language. Many thanks to the dear writer for this wonderful book."
Dr. Chana Katan,  Obstetrician, author, and lecturer
Jerusalem, Israel

"As a mother and a professional, I was touched to be part of the wondrous process of the writing of this book. It is a marvel of professionalism and sensitivity! My recommendation is that every mother use this book in whatever way suits her best, as the basis for a shared experience."
Sari Berlinsky  Clinical Psychologist
Jerusalem, Israel

by Rivki Friedman

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