Highways and Byways

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A sniffle and cough turn into a medical crisis that leadsto an amputation. But Sara and her parents focus on findingthe heartwarming moments in a heartbreaking tale...
His elderly mother's memory is going, yet knowing howimperative it is that she feel productive and fulfilled, he continuesto employ her- even at the cost of his own business's success...
While her support system thinks she's in denial, the new mother has accepted the realities of life with a child with Down syndrome...
Life is full of highs and lows, struggles and triumphs,regrets and reliefs. In Highways and Byways, readers aretreated to a smorgasbord of stories about the happeningsand personal decisions that make up so much of our lives.
Empathize with those whose pathway through life seems riddledwith pain. Be inspired by those who insist on taking the high road,even through difficult challenges. And rejoice with those whodiscovered the brightest of lights at the end of a long journey.
by C. Rosenberg

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