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Binyamin Ben Yedayah, the leader of a Jewish family in a village inhabited mainly by non-Jews, sets off on a long trip. That's when his neighbors plot to take over his valuable property! Follow along as their conniving sinishter plan turns into a desparate chase on the road to Yerushalayim. Watch out as Greek soldiers lay in wait, to ambush Jews who bring gifts to the Bais Hamikdash. And learn how a Jewish family place their faith in Hashem - and their trust is rewarded.

- How is it possible to protect the familiy's land by escaping from it?

- Where is Biyamin's hidden property that is worth much more than his land in the Galil?

- How does mistaken use of a blue thread undermine another wicked plot?

- What is the meaning of "Baizashem Neylek"?

- What happens when a gentile disguised as a Jew offer to carry wood to the Beis Hamikdash?

Homeland Defense brings us back to the early glorious times of the Beis Hamikdash, when Jews were infused with simple faith and merited loads of miracles. Suspense and excitement are intermingled with relevant facts and halachos of aliya l'regel, bikkurim, tzitzis, teffilin and much more. Homeland Defense is the third in the "I Was There" series, following, I Went Out (the story of the exodus from Mitzrayim) and Sparks of Fire (the Chanukah story). When Binyamin ben Yedayah's neighbors plot to steal his land, they don't dream of the powerful forces they must contend with!

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