I Will Await Him - ספר אחכה לו

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A dialogue exploring the statements of Scripture, Chazal, the commentaries, codes and modern rabbinic writings on the subject of exile, redemption, Eretz Yisroel and Jewish statehood. Every observant Jew believes in the coming of moshiach and awaits him every day. Yet not everyone has given thought to what that waiting means. To wait means to refrain from doing something until a given time; what exactly are we to refrain from doing before moshiach comes? The Talmudic passage of the Three Oaths provides the answer, and this book explores how the passage has been understood by Rishonim, Acharonim and Poskim in all generations, down to the present day. This subject has unfortunately become a field of propaganda. Subscribers of each viewpoint shape the minds of their readers by rewriting history and current events to suit their goals, stressing what they want and leaving out what they don’t want. Gedolim are quoted, but certain people quote only certain gedolim; moreover, only certain statements of those gedolim are quoted. The result is that some people have come to regard this subject as political in nature, implying that all the arguments are secondary and the main thing is the power struggle. Each side, it is thought, is only trying to strengthen itself by delegitimizing the other side. It is indeed sad that such a serious Torah sugya should be regarded by so many as mere politics. This groundbreaking book attempts to cover the full gamut of rabbinic opinion on Jewish statehood. Written in the form of a dialogue, it takes a non-judgmental approach in guiding the reader through what has been said and not said, and how each side of the debate has responded to the other. All of the original Hebrew texts are given in the footnotes. This book is essential reading to anyone wishing to understand the events unfolding in our time, as well as shape the course of the Jewish future, in the light of the Torah. 

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