If It's Not Real It's No Big Deal

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Yitzik was sound asleep one night

when he suddenly woke up in a terrible fright.

What a scary dream he’d just had!

Something happened that seemed so bad.

Shivering and shaking, he sat straight up in bed,

clutching the pillow, his eyes filled with dread.

This beautifully illustrated story brings children’s feelings to life.

Here comes Dare Spray

chasing all his fears away!

The imaginary spray in the book gives children a sense of control that helps them cope with their fears.


My Toolbox

It’s not like the toolbox in your house that holds a hammer and nails and a screwdriver. It’s a toolbox for your mind, body, and emotions. It includes your thoughts, feelings, and fantasies.

You can take the tool in each of the books in the series and teach yourself how to use it to feel much better!

Ahuva Raanan With a master’s degree in special education , Raanan is an educational counselor and consultant (counseling parents how to deal with emotional problems and behavioral problems in early childhood), as well as a play therapist and CBT therapist who runs a network of special education kindergartens.

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