In My Opinion by Rabbi Berel Wein

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For several decades, informed readers sought out Rabbi Berel Wein's opinion column in his weekly Destiny Foundation blog, in the Jerusalem Post, and other publications to gain his perspective on current issues. The products of his highly educated and sensitive mind, the essays were uniquely "Wein"- always original, always refreshing in their candor, and subtly thought provoking.

Who else could experience uplift from an orchid plant or discover the core values of the Jewish nation in the words of Israel's taxi drivers?His sweeping gaze simultaneously takes in past, present, and future. Continually aware of history and its impact on today's events, he looks at an empty field in the Land of Israel and sees not only the farmer with his plow today, but one who worked the same land two thousand years ago. And with heartfelt faith and a vibrant awareness of ancient prophecy, he envisions those who will harvest that field in the future.

In this troubled, insecure age of ours, he proves that one can, one must, be a realist and an optimist at the same time.The best of these valuable essays have been collected for this volume. If you are fan of Rabbi Wein's writing, you will feel as though you are encountering an old friend. If you are not already familiar with Rabbi Wein's take on life, you are in for a treat.



345 Pages

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