In Session - A novel about psychotherapy

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What's It Like To Be "In Session"?

Shira steps into my office. Graceful yet subdued, she’s wearing soft blue
cashmere. The blond bangs of her sheitel hide her eyes.
“You must be Shira,” I say, and she gingerly takes a seat. “Tell me about
why you’ve come and what you’d like my help with.”
Shira doesn’t answer immediately. I notice her furtively glancing around
my office. Then she speaks. “Well, I guess I’ve been kind of a mess lately.
That’s why I called. I wasn’t sure if I needed therapy, but my rabbi was
So begins the fascinating journey of a young woman’s initiation into
psychotherapy. Shira is still reeling from her recent divorce, trying to raise
her young daughter and cope with her parents’ overprotectiveness. Will
therapy provide her with the help she desperately needs?
Sensitively portrayed from the viewpoints of both the therapist and the
client, In Session, an engrossing novel by psychotherapist Mirel Goldstein,
explores the path Shira takes to emotional health. Discover what a therapist
is thinking about her client, and what it’s really like to be in session.

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