Inside Chanukah

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Inside Chanukah: Fascinating and Intriguing Insights on Chanukah, Its Miracles, and Its History

We know all about Chanukah, don’t we?
Inside Chanukah will make you wonder.

Crushing decrees, heretical turncoats, and the threat of spiritual annihilation. A tiny band of men willing to risk all, a single flask of pure oil, and eight days of illumination. We’re familiar with the miracles of Chanukah. But now it’s time to penetrate beneath the surface.

In this meticulously researched book, the author of the popular Inside Purim, explores every aspect of Chanukah. The miracles, the mitzvos, the minhagim — he uses a dazzling array of sources to bring fresh insights into them all. A mosaic of Torah gems, each thought is concise and accessible, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Discover the messages of Chanukah — ideas that will illuminate your life long after the candles burn out.

704 pages

by: Aryeh Pinchas Strickoff

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